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National News

  1. Infosys CFO “MD Ranganath” quits
  • Infosys’ Chief Financial Officer (CFO) “MD Ranganath” resigned from his position.
  • MD Ranganath became Chief Financial Officer of Infosys in 2015 following the exit of Rajiv Bansal.
  • He will continue as CFO till 16th November 2018.
  • He has worked with Infosys for 18 years and has been a part of the Infosys Leadership team.

2. 11th World Hindi Conference begins

  • The 11th World Hindi Conference is inaugurated on 18th August, 2018 in Mauritius.
  • The conference aims to expand Hindi language to a global level.
  • The first World Hindi Conference was started in 1975 to make Hindi language a medium of service and knowledge.

     Theme for 2018: Hindi Vishwa Aur Bharatiy Sanskriti (Hindi World and Indian Culture)


3. General Dalbir Singh Suhag awarded US ‘Legion of Merit’ 2018

  • US government has awarded General Dalbir Singh Suhag (Retired), chief of the Army staff, Indian Army with the Legion of Merit (Degree of Commander).
  • The announcement was made by the US Government in March 2016.
  • The award is presented to him at Pentagon, Washington DC.

Important Days

4. 15th World Humanitarian Day 2018 observed globally

  • August 19th is annually observed as World Humanitarian Day 2018 to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives for humanitarian services.
  • Theme for 2018: #NotATarget
  • The day was designated by the UN General Assembly to commemorate the 19 August 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq.

5. World Photography Day

  • August 19 is celebrated as World photography day.
  • It is celebrated to inspire the budding photographers to share their work and to celebrate the art of photography.
  • The birth of this day dates back to 1839 in France, but it came in to force in 2009.

New Appointments

6. Imran Khan to take oath as Pakistan’s 22nd PM

  • Former cricketer Imran Khan has sworn in as the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan.
  • Khan won the election securing 176 votes out of 272.
  • His rival Shahbaz Sharif got only 96 votes.
  • A member of the National Assembly needs 172 votes to become prime minister-elect.

7. Former RBI Dy. Gov. SS Mundra appointed Independent Director of Indiabulls Housing Finance

  • Board of Indiabulls Housing Finance has appointed Subhash Sheoratan Mundra as the Independent Director for a period of three years, with effect from 18th August 2018.
  • He is presently on the Board of the Bombay Stock Exchange and DSP Blackrock Investment Managers and is also on the Governing Council of several financial research and academic institutes.

Sports News

8. 18th Asian Games inaugurated in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • The 2018 Asian Games, officially known as the 18th Asian Games and also known as Jakarta Palembang 2018, is a pan-Asian multi-sport event scheduled to be held from 18 August to 2 September 2018 in the Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Palembang.
  • For the first time, the Asian Games are being co-hosted in two cities; the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and Palembang, the capital of the South Sumatra province.
  • It is the second time Jakarta is hosting the sports games after 1962.

9. Australian bowler Mitchell Johnson announced retirement from all forms of cricket

  • Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson, 36, announced his retirement during IPL 2018.
  • He would also retire from the franchise-based Big Bash League.
  • He is expected to play in the various Twenty20 competitions till mid-2019.


10. Kofi Annan, former UN secretary general, dies at 80

  • Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan, 80, passed away following a short term illness, at a hospital in Bern, Switzerland.
  • He was born on 8th April 1938 in Kumasi, Ghana.
  • He was the seventh UN secretary general and also the first black African secretary-general. He served two terms between 1997 and 2006.

Expected News from the above Current Affairs

  1. Name the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Infosys, who resigned recently?

A. Salil S Parekh                                                   C. MD Ranganath
B. Murali Sankar                                                   D. Anubrata Biswas

2. The 11th World Hindi Conference was inaugurated in Port Louis, Mauritius. What is the theme of the conference?

A. Stories of India                                               C. Evolution of Hindi
B. Hindi World and Indian Culture                   D. Cultural Significance of Hindi

3. Name the Retired chief of the Army staff, Indian Army, who was awarded the Legion of Merit (Degree of Commander) by the United States government?

A. General Mahavir Singh Bhagat
B. General Dalbir Singh Suhag
C. General Prathik Singh Talwar
D. General Sushil Kumar Shindey

4. When is the 15th World Humanitarian Day observed throughout the world?

A. August 18                                                       C. August 17
B. August 16                                                        D. August 19

5. When was World photography day celebrated throughout the world?

A. August 21                                                      C. August 17
B. August 18                                                       D. August 19

6. Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan recently took oath as Pakistan’s new Prime Minister. He is the ________ PM of Pakistan.

A. 20th                                                               C. 22nd
B. 19th                                                                D. 24th

7. Who has been appointed as the Independent Director of Indiabulls Housing Finance for a term of 3 years with effect from 18th August 2018?

A. Raghavan Muralidaran
B. Subhash Sheoratan Mundra
C. Praveen Mandanna
D. Ritesh Deshpande

8. This year’s Asian Games, also known as Jakarta Palembang 2018, has started in the Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Palembang. It is the second time when Jakarta is hosting the sports games after ____________.

A. 1962                                                           C. 1965
B. 1960                                                            D. 1967

9. Fast bowler Mitchell Johnson retired from all forms of cricket on 19th August 2018. Which country does he belong to?

A. South Africa                                             C. Australia
B. Zimbabwe                                                D. New Zealand

10. Kofi Annan, passed away following a short term illness, at a hospital in Bern, Switzerland, on 18th August 2018. He was the former secretary general of _____?

A. International Cricket Council (ICC)   C. United Nations
B. World Trade Organisation (WHO)     D. World Bank

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